Self-Study Meditations

Every WEDNESDAY at 7pm central from July 13 - August 25

Wednesday evenings: A new series of meditations designed to cultivate consciousness and self-awareness. This opportunity to study Self will help you dive into the most integral, dynamic, and often challenging aspects of your life... love and relationships, sexuality, money, health, communication, creativity, and spirituality.

THIS WEEK: Money. Although it is a fundamental aspect of daily life, most people have an uncomfortable relationship with money. Amidst a government and culture that shamelessly mismanages money flows, we fall into the push and pull of scarcity mindset. This week we will heal and integrate the broken and shamed parts of ourselves – including our beliefs and feelings around money. Money is simply another form of energy. When we find our flow and move into alignment with our value, it becomes easier to feel positive about our relationship to money. Whatever your current financial position, it’s all numbers, and numbers can be changed by bringing your awareness to them and then taking action. Please share or invite anyone you think would benefit from this meditation.

Join from anywhere by calling in! Contact me for call info.

The series will guide you into a closer look at who you are today and how you came to hold the beliefs which now govern your reality. Free from judgement, shame, or guilt, we accept all that we are so we may fully see ourselves. Good, bad, beautiful, ugly. From this center with clarity, we begin to chisel away at this art piece we know as our human story.

Every WEDNESDAY July 13 - August 25

Join for the series 7 wks ($85)


Drop-in when you can ($15)