Begin with developing a mindful awareness of your breath, your body, and your mind. Then we begin to consciously shape the breath, the body, and the mind to overwrite unhealthy patterns with healthy habits.

Guided meditations vary and incorporate timeline therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, sound healing therapy, and resting in hypnogogic state.

Self-Study Meditation: Takes you deep into a particular aspect of the story of your life to uncover unhealed wounds from the past and bring clarity to the path you are creating for yourself. 

Sound Healing Meditation: Takes you on a journey of harmonious vibrations. Your body will be bathed in sound waves resonating at very specific healing frequencies to restore peace and ease in every cell and tissue in your body.  This will allow a deeper state of relaxation and calmness in your mind. 

Breathing Meditation: Guides you through a series of breathing practices that oxygenate your blood, restore blood flow, and deepen the body's ability to relax.

Vipassana Meditation:  A silent practice that sharpens focus and concentration, while heightening your awareness of your mind-body-heart-breath connection.  This practice supports your ability to release tension throughout the day and maintain ease when challenges arise.  Vipassana removes unhealthy patterns or conditioning in your mind, in order to heal any illness in your body.

Yoga Sessions

Yoga restores the flow of fresh oxygenated blood into all areas of the body, activating the bodies natural healing process.

Each session is designed to meet the needs of your unique body experience.  We will utilize the practices of mindful movement and breathing to cultivate supreme body awareness and maintaining balance and strength, while improving your ability to release stress and tension.

1-on-1 sessions will deepen your practice, sharpen your alignment, and accelerate your progress. 

1 Month Intro: $455

  • 2 sessions per week, 1 in person & 1 remote

  • 8 sessions total.

  • +1 chance to reschedule.

2 Month Intro: $805

  • 2 sessions per week, 1 in person & 1 remote

  • 16 sessions total

  • +2 chances to reschedule