Don't Hate.  Meditate.


movement. meditation. motivation.


How can I help you?

Movement. Meditation. Motivation. Massage. Every session is customized to your needs as an individual or group.

Peace guaranteed.


My Story

I graduated from UT Austin in 2007 and joined the professional world as a Mechanical Engineer. A year later, the struggling economy led to my unemployment.  This unexpected freedom gave me the opportunity to explore the world and expand my understanding. A greater purpose was calling from deep within.

In 2011, I experienced a complete death of myself (my story) and was reborn into a multidimensional world of infinite possibility.  I am dedicated to evolving human consciousness to live in harmony with ourselves, each other, and our planet. 

Now, I facilitate transformational experiences which expand conscious awareness, awaken a sense of purpose, cultivate compassion, encourage connection, and empower individuals and groups to overcome the challenges of today. 

“Make your lives a masterpiece, you only get one canvas.”


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