Be well naturally.



  • physically

  • psychologically

  • energetically

with mindful movement & meditation.

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Are you ready to reclaim your power and take control of your mind & body?

Restore optimal mental & physical health by cultivating your mind-body connection and developing self awareness through the practice of mindfulness techniques, yoga, meditation, intentional eating, self-reflection, and personal development.  Transform your relationship with yourself, and change your story.  The next chapter is yours to write. Will you choose glory? 

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Are you ready to align your outer world with your inner truth?  Are you ready to step into your power and create a life you love? Move beyond conceptual understanding into full embodiment of your highest potential. NOW is the time to release doubt and believe in yourself.  You are greater than you can imagine. Unleash your innate wisdom and power.

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My Story

Jenna Jasso: Transformation Coach

After university, I joined the professional world as a Mechanical Engineer in 2007. I quickly became chronically depressed and bewildered. A year later, I discovered yoga and the struggling economy led to my unemployment.  This unexpected freedom gave me the opportunity to deepen my practice and expand my understanding of myself and our world.  

After, some explorations around the world, I began to study yoga, meditation, subtle body healing, and the unmatched power of the mind.

After 8 yrs teaching yoga, 5 yrs energy healing, 4 yrs guiding meditation and developing self healing tools, I now facilitate transformation for individuals and communities, cultivating mind-body connection, expanding conscious awareness, awakening a sense of purpose, and empowering individuals and groups to overcome the challenges of today. 

“When you change the way you

look at things. The things you

look at change."  - Max Planck


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