Time to Step Up

Elevate. Move on up to the next step in human evolution. Think cooperation instead of competition. Think community instead of isolation.  Think we instead of me. Think give instead of take. Be gentle. Smile. 

If your basic needs are consistently met, you live a blessed life. Sacrifices were made to help you get here. Pay it forward. Find a way to serve or contribute to the safety and security of all people on our planet. Be conscious of your impact on the environment. 

How much trash do you create in one day? Could you cut that in half?  How many products do you buy that you don't actually 'need'? Could you avoid purchasing convenient products and foods in packages?

Minimize consumerism. Minimize waste. Buy only what you need.  Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Thrift shop. Support local business. 

Respect water. Your life depends on it. There is a limited supply of this precious pure substance on our planet. Conserve. Stop watering grass. Design landscapes according to the climate and natural conditions of the area. Ahem Texans!

Eat fresh locally grown food from your farmers' market for a worthy investment in your health and local economy.  We are undergoing a necessary process of reviving local food systems for a more sustainable urban culture.

Strong local communities, strong local economy, strong local food system, strong local government.... means less dependence on corporations and centrally governed systems, which allows us more freedom! Who doesn't want freedom?

Just a few points here, but the list goes on for days. It will take years to change our unconscious, destructive habits. Start NOW. 

We vote every day with the actions we take, the choices we make. We vote with our dollars. What kind of future are you inventing in?