Thank you for Walking

Go for a walk…

- for fresh air, appreciating the breath as it fills your lungs and opens your chest.  The air brings life and energy into your body as you deepen every inhale.
- for sunshine, feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin, giving you life. Take in the light and let it shine through you.
- for grounding, connecting with the earth,t he grass, the trees, remembering the magical mystery that you have been granted the opportunity to witness and experience.

Let your walk be a meditation, time for you to free your mind from worries and stress. Allow your walk to open yourself to seeing all you are and all you have right now… inspiring all that you are to be and do.

You are human! Your human body wants to move, dance, play, walk.  Your body is a gift and it works for you when you care for yourself.

Thank you for walking.