Shift Work

How does such a massive shift as we are embarking upon take place?  How does everything change in a matter of years? Culture, habits, beliefs, government systems, food systems, communities, urban organization, global structures, transportation, economy, war, poverty…. these conditions will evolve and we are a part of how they evolve. We are the shift workers.

When I became aware of all the trouble in this world and ALL that will need to change to heal the wounds of humanity and our planet, I thought OMG how in the world can we do this?  And that is just how we do this… IN THE WORLD.  We have to get out there and do stuff.

I was afraid, depressed, overwhelmed, manic, moving with urgency and wondering how to get everyone else to see the importance of waking up to the whole reality of NOW on earth. Then I began to realize that not everyone has the time, freedom or experience to reach the same conclusions that I have.  So it is my gift and purpose, to share what I have learned and encourage progress. 

One day it became very clear to me that there are others out there, just like me, burning to make a difference.  Those who have experienced enough wrong in the world to live for making things right.  This realization and sense of knowing about the others allowed me to step out of bewilderment and into empowerment to play my part and take my role in the grand plan.

The “grand plan” is what?  I don’t know… it's very complex and dynamic, so I pay attention to the movement happening around me and flow with it. The more we do, the more we connect with others who are doing, then we do more together!  Power in numbers.  Change is happening all around us, and we have the power to play, to manifest and create the future. Believe.

We each have a role to play.  If you don’t know what your role is, focus on personal growth until your purpose becomes clear.  Follow your heart and honor your dreams. Find peace and wholeness within yourself. Your personal shifts create global shifts.

There are people in every industry, institution, system, community, department, profession that are being called to create the new.  Those who “think different” and feel inspired to build upon the present. Those with a wholly serving vision supported by knowledge and experience. 

This is how shift works.  This is how shift happens.

We each do our part based on our place right here and now, based on our knowledge and understanding and circumstances right here and now, based on our belief in a positive shift.  We are transforming and evolving culture.

May we act as our heart calls, with trust that the whole team is holding strong in their positions.