Yoga - Union

I’m so grateful for discovering yoga at the end of 2008.  I was skeptical and reluctant to go to yoga class with my friends.  I was a runner (3 mi/day) and I knew I preferred that intensity. I enjoy hardcore, heart activating, drippy sweat workouts and the only class I had tried before (which was probably pilates) was pretty prettyy preetty lame.  I didn’ t feel much of a workout and was bored.

Anywho, my friends Brittany and Tara invited me to Yoga Groove Bikram in Oct 2008. I resisted and they persisted, so I figured what the hey.  OMG I loved it!  I left that place feeling strong and sexy. One class and I snapped right in, tapped right in to a higher feeling.  I signed up for the discounted first month deal and went at least 3x per week that month.  I was curious about other hot yoga studios and discovered Sunstone Yoga.  Thank goodness, it introduced me to a deeper, more diverse practice.  I appreciated having the different classes and different sequences led by teachers who had the freedom to say what they felt in the moment. So much wisdom is gained with diversity of practice and teacher. Yoga is infinite.

2010 is when I really deepened my practice by going to class 4+ days per week for several months.  I advanced dramatically and learned a lot!  I also began to realize the clarity I felt after class. The blocks and clogs in my mind were cleared and answers to my troubles began to float into my consciousness without me reaching for them.  It brought energy and connectedness.  I noticed a reconnection to my body, and I hadn’t even realized I had been disconnected.

Yoga led me to tap into a higher self within me, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I believe EVERYONE would benefit equally from practicing regularly. It will save your life and bring you healthy happiness.  I see this practice as an opportunity for us to tap into our connection with something more magical that we can image,  something we might consider “super human”… basically yoga makes you SuperYou!  

Yoga is the union of all that exists within you. This integration and connection of different parts into one wholeness allows clarity and empowerment. The one as the many and the many as the one.  It unlocks the secret door to the infinite being you truly are. All comes into sight, into alignment, internally and externally.

Namaste bright beautiful beings!