Meditation in Gratitude

What is meditation?  For me it is sitting in deepest gratitude. Releasing all the troubles, questions, fears, worries, and just allowing myself to honor the magical experience of this life.

Don't Hate. Meditate.

Focus on the simple things… sitting, breathing, clearing the mind, tuning into senses. What do you hear, feel, smell, see?  This focus brings us to the present moment to truly SEE everything.  We can then feel ourselves and our connection to the wind, the trees, the Earth.

My meditation is time to breathe and be in my body in gratitude for the gift of this experience.  The beauty of all life and creation is all around us, all the time. When do we get to see it?  It’s hard to see the magic when I’m doing the “civilized human” thing, which is most of the time in this tech age. I have to make a conscious effort to bring myself to that space and hold in it for as long as I need to… I often get lost in time and space when I go there. Although, it’s not like I’m actually going anywhere, I’m just being here, right here and now.

Being in the space of gratitude is the most nourishing and healing for mind, body, and heart. This is the space of calm, happiness, joy, ease, grace. Our body naturally heals itself, regenerates, when we feel at ease. Stress kills everything.

The most important thing to understand going into your meditation is that you MUST SURRENDER and release all of your worries. You MUST COMMIT to freeing yourself during meditation to explore your senses, your body, your mind, your heart, your imagination, your power.

The best part about it is that you can do it whenever and wherever you please. Next time you are in a situation where you have no choice but to “wait”. Try shifting your perspective into… hmmm this is time I can sit in calm and let my mind free for awhile.  Ahhh what a great shift in perspective!