Personal Mantras

Self affirmations are very powerful, especially when I fully believe and trust in the words being spoken.  Most of us grew up in an environment, judgemental society, that subconsciously influences the development of negative self talk or negative self affirmations. Negative affirmations have the same effect as positive affirmations, if not greater, on the true formation of your reality.  Our thoughts form our perception of reality, so whether it be positive or negative, you are manning (or womanning) the ship.

Negative self chatter feeds our fears of not doing enough, not being enough, not having enough.  These fears are born from a perception of scarcity, a mind that believes there is not enough to go around .:aka:. survival mode.  Social norms and pressures have created an epidemic of chronic inferiority complex!  The dominant culture and consciousness of the world at this time is rooted in a perception of scarcity; I must compete to survive. There is not enough success, not enough creativity, not enough genius for everyone, so if I don’t fight for it, I will fail.

The truth – there IS enough, I am enough, I have everything I need, infinite resources within my own heart, mind and beyond. We have the power to break ourselves out of negative thought patterns and cycles of negative affirmations.

I refer to my positive affirmations as personal mantras.  They are synonymous in this sense, both heart felt prayers practiced to support my highest potential.

Recently, I went on a little journey to Colorado. I hit the road with my friend Mateo and we went straight to Wanderlust Yoga Festival at Copper Mountain.  I was dealing with a terrible skin rash, believed to be poison ivy, but still don’t know wth was happening to me.  I was going mad for a few days as the itching and spreading continued, and decided I could not continue the journey with Mateo to LA. Instead, I drove to Boulder to heal. The first morning in Boulder, I woke up to photos of my sick dog’s mess all over my sister’s bathroom floor.  It was a really ugly and scary sight, so I got into a panic.  I had little sleep and terrible itch episodes throughout the night.  I was freekin’ out, geekin’ out, losing it! It felt like EVERYTHING was going wrong.

I needed a chill pill.  I stepped outside on the back porch and faced the sun.  I meditated into the sunlight and felt the warm caress of life.  I began self affirmations as they came through me.  Here is one that has been very powerful and helpful for me in moments of doubt, confusion, worry.

I have EVERYTHING I NEED. I am supported.

I have EVERYTHING I NEED. I am supported.

If you decide to try this, you must feel the words in your heart.  If you do not feel it at first, keep repeating it until you feel a sense of lightness and possibility. Allow emotion and energy to move through as you open to the truth and understanding that you have everything you need and you are supported.

After speaking and feeling these words into the Sun, I found a friend who could take care of Munchie, my dog, and he was immediately over his sickness.  It cleared almost as quickly as it clashed. I still had a terrible skin rash, but I had somewhere to rest and heal.  I had everything I needed, and the mantra helped guide me to see.  Within me is everything I will ever need.