Transform. Integrate. Propagate.

The tri-effecta, a cyclic phenomenon for evolution.  Three words, transformation, integration, and propagation, are oriented this way to represent the cycle of personal and cultural evolution with respect to each individual experience.


I’m creating visual representations of different ideas and philosophies of my own pertaining to shifting culture, hearts, minds.  I’ve started with this simple “tri-effecta”.  I feel the understanding of this cycle is super relevant to any team, group, organization, business or person going through transformation.  Integration can be the most challenging part, yet an absolute necessity for propagation to occur.  It’s always great to spread the seeds!

Integration happens when we go beyond our comfort zone and connect with people and ideas that are different from our own.  With an open mind and heart, the differences allow for new understandings, developments, perspectives, and ways of communicating foreign concepts.  Integration builds bridges between different worlds, different cultures, different beliefs… opening us all to a whole new world.. a dazzling place you never new!    Czech it out…

Something as simple as talking to a stranger is an integrative experience.  If you like to keep things interesting and appreciate lots of mental stimulation like moi, you might make a point to connect with people who clearly perceive life and the world through a completely different lens.  It’s useful to listen and see things from a different perspective, because you have to know where someone is coming from if you wish to connect your understandings with theirs.

I hold a great sense of passion about personal and cultural transformation to a holistic way of life.  I often think about how such major shifts could be made, and this is how I see massive cultural shift happen.  In this equation, Integration = Unity.  When I step out of my comfort zone and connect with others, I feel more inspiration and possibilities.  Little or no integration could result in too much isolation, feelings of separation and loneliness.  I believe we all need and desire human connection, and loneliness can cause depression and lack of inspiration or motivation.

The tri-effecta is my way of expressing the phrase:

“Transform your Self, Transform our World”

You might also notice the recycle symbol in the center, pointing in the opposite direction.  The tri-effecta cycle can move in either direction at any time.  I feel my transformation thus far has been little cycles through and through, but I also see that there is a slower deeper process developing simultaneously.  The life altering experience of transformation takes several months or years (a lifetime really), so it could take some time to integrate.  The depth of my integration has not quite caught up with my transformation.   I’m doing deeply integrative work right now, so that I may gracefully propagate the love seeds.