Flip the Script

When someone does/says something I disagree with… I let go of attachment to what is right and what is wrong. In a moment, a reactive or divisive response is transmuted into an expansion of my awareness.

I accept the reality of the experience and appreciate the opportunity to receive greater clarity of what I choose and how it differs.

It becomes an opportunity to reflect on myself in relation to the dissonance I feel with another person’s view.  Here the space becomes open to discuss differences and come to an understanding.

Each of us experiences a unique reality, the one and only reality of it’s kind in all of time. I know that my perception of the world is molded by the zillions of experiences I’ve had in my life, and no one will ever see the world exactly the way I do.  But at the core I am just as You are. One heart.

I believe we all really want the same thing… to be safe and loved… to enjoy life.  Sometimes we get caught up in the rights and wrongs and whos and whats, but under all the layers of perception… cultural differences, choice of words… we just want what is best!