Find what is real.

How many of us find ourselves in a world completely different than we once imagined it to be.  A young, curious, unassuming mind painted pictures, a dream.

Then, the “real world” comes and it’s not so real… or maybe it is.  What is real anyway?  My dream of the real world and your dream of the real world is probably very different.

Maybe I had an idealistic expectation for what a top university and corporate career had to offer.  My experience upon entering the real world was mostly heartbreaking. Nothing is as it seems. Walls of perception blocking truth to keep the wonderment alive, to keep the sleeping sound.

In my world the walls became transparent and then slowly began to dissolve. I could hear truth screaming to be seen, screaming to be free.

I believe it is a gift to dream of an ideal reality.  It is a gift of vision and those who see a different way can bring new realities into being.  I know I am not alone.  Visionaries who bring their ideas to form are the ones who shape our reality.  We all have the power to play, but how many lose hope when something is not what they thought? How many give up on a dream and think it all a scheme?

If this reality is not the one I dream of, how can I change that?  If not me then who?  We are the creators of our reality.  Each and every One. 

We can bring our imagination to life and create our experience together.

Believe. Believe. Believe. We are doing it. We can shine so bright we blind the minds and give hearts a chance to dance.