See the Light

The change I want to see does not happen outside of me, it happens inside of me. It happens with every breath I take, every choice I make.

Reflections on Perceptions.

  • I am what I see. You are what you see. Good and bad. How can we see more good?
  • I am what I perceive. You are what you perceive. Positive and negative.  How can we perceive more positive?

Expand your awareness. Recognize your inner critic and confront the source of negative projections and experiences.

Our personal reality is shaped by our perception. For example, you look into the mirror to see your reflection at least once a day.

One day you look at your reflection and you look great, feel great, with a smile and confidence.  The next day you look at your reflection you look older, feel fat, and your hair can’t be helped.

How and why do we see ourselves so differently if our reflection is generally staying the same?  Our perception is affected by our state of mind and state of being. When we feel good, we see it. When we feel bad, we see it.

The way we view the external world, reveals the way we view our Self.  It is a common mishap to believe that the problems we perceive in the world around us are outside of our Self.  Everything is connected, nothing separate. A good question to ask oneself in moments of frustration is, “How is this external problem internalized within me?”.

At times the critical, fearful, negative mind takes over and we project our inner turmoil out into the world around us. This negative state of mind may also be seen as a filter through which everything becomes distorted with a tint of cynicism and a hint of pessimism. We can fall into cycles of focusing on the negative.

It’s easy to get stuck in a pattern of negative thoughts, which lead to negative experiences.  Focusing on worries or bad feelings will manifest bad experiences which feed the cycle of negative thought patterns. Over time, we bury ourselves in a deep dark hole, a shitty reality.

So, if we become aware of the truth that we are in fact seeing a reflection of our inner world in everything around us, could we guide our eyes to see the positive? 

Can we become conscious of our negative thought patterns and let them release as quickly as they appear?  In expanding ourselves to this level of awareness we can ‘choose what we see’, rather than getting tangled in what we don’t want to see. 

Don't get me wrong. It’s good to see everything, good and bad, but lean into the positive to shield the the negative from draining your spirit. We have the consciousness to choose what to focus on.

In becoming aware of these cyclic patterns, we can short the unconscious circuit and focus on the positive.  Dream. Imagine. Believe. Align thoughts with words and actions.  Set intentions, goals and stay positive to manifest positive experiences.

Choose to see possibility, opportunity, potential. Be patient, considerate, and compassionate with others. Relationships are the road home!

Stay curious… keep exploring and discovering the unknown.

It’s always best to keep looking up. ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson