Be like a tree

My work is my life. My life is my work.

My work is to dream. My life is my dream.

I am still an engineer. The "system" I am passionate about designing is American society, American culture.  Integrating the engineer and the artist within me, I am passionate about creative solutions for today's global issues.

I fly up beyond the clouds, to the stars, and float into my dream state where all is possible. I vision. I see. Then, I come down, I return to this reality and connect with my “engineer” self to devise a plan of action toward realizing, developing, actualizing, creating, manifesting the dream.

And round and round, up and down I go.

When I vision, when I dream, I sow seeds. Not all seeds sprout. What measures do I take to ensure sprouting and growth of these seeds into strong trees?  Adequate nourishment, water, healthy environment, sunlight, fresh air, living earth, and of course love.  Ahh yes, this applies to me too!  If I wish to see my dreams through, I must tend to the garden of my body and mind. Self care will ensure that the powerful thought seeds sprout.  Reaching for the sun, reaching for the sky persistently… day after day, just as the trees.

Social pressures, norms, and expectations… these are the factors that cast shadows of doubt and confusion, like invasive species, shutting out the light and preventing growth of the little seedling. Limiting belief structures could disrupt my natural progress and limit my potential, but I’ll find a way, just as the trees.

I’m inspired by Mama Nature’s ability to adapt and always prevail.  As challenges arise, I accept them as opportunities to reinforce my strength.  Like plant intelligence, I choose to release the layers that no longer serve me and let my past feed my future.  As the shedding layers fall away, my energy is focused on expansion.  Reaching for the sky, into the sunlight I keep growing, just as the trees.