Every voice is valid.

Life is an experiment, a closed loop system running a feedback loop.  When critical feedback comes, it feels personal and we react defensively, deflecting and rejecting anything we don't agree with.  If the feedback isn't received, we can't make the changes necessary to improve the results. "Every voice is valid." is one of my favorite mottos. It reminds me to receive and consider all feedback, especially criticism. 

Every person on the planet has a unique perception of reality. No two alike. There are as many different views of reality as there are people. We each speak from our own unique perspective which makes every expression a projection of our reality.  We decide what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is bad, which is heavily influenced by our culture and environment. Sometimes we agree. Sometimes we don't. 

We are all funhouse mirrors reflecting what we perceive. Experiences constantly shape us, and we can't see what we project. We unconsciously distort an image/person or experience according to the reality we have constructed from our past experiences.

What if we could let go of the idea that there is only one right or good way?  What if we saw different points of view like differently shaped mirrors?  Could we accept differences and stop taking it personally?  Because it's not personal.  Someone who has had very different life experiences will have very different views.

We are all variables in the great web of life. Everyone has their reasons for what they believe. You can't force your beliefs onto others. In fact, it's probably the most ineffective way to attempt to create change.

What you CAN do is LISTEN.  

Every voice is valid, because it exists.  You may not agree, but be willing to understand where it's coming from.  Bridge the gap to progress.