Life is an experiment

You have the questions. You have the answers. You do the harm. You do the healing. You make a mess. You clean it up. This is how you become the student and the teacher. This is how you let every moment of everyday be a lesson in this absolute highest form of education we call life experience.

Presence. Bring presence and awareness to the moment. Every experience is an experiment, in which you are the scientist and the subject. You are the observer and that which is being observed. 

Each moment, each day is a new iteration of your experiment. You are a variable in the formula for your life. Your thoughts, actions and reactions create an outcome. When you become an observer of yourself, you step out of the equation. From this perspective, you can witness the process, expand your awareness, and accept feedback. If the outcome is undesirable and perceived as bad/negative, take time to examine the experience - without judgement, without regret, without guilt - and fully see how your role, your action, your value affected the outcome. “ At what value did I hold myself in this experience?”  Take what you learn and factor it into your continued life experiment.

The best part about this experiment is that you can keep running iterations as long as you are alive. You can change yourself, your actions, reactions, non-actions, and create a different result.

You are the scientist and the subject. You are the teacher and the student. Take moments of pause, of reflection, to step back and review, witness and become aware of your unconscious thoughts and actions.

This is our way out of the hole. This is how we love ourselves and those around us. The reality is we are the greatest, most powerful variable in creating the life we experience. We can choose to step up in our consciousness and own this responsibility to ourselves. We can empower ourselves to change what we don’t like and consciously cultivate what we love.

Or we can decide we are powerless, helpless, and have no ability to guide our path.  We can drown in a victim state, where we begin to believe we are unlucky and never enough - not good enough, not fit enough, not healthy enough, not responsible enough, not stable enough.  We accept a role that gives us permission to give up. These are LIES we tell our self!

We are capable of magic and miracles. We are all powerful beyond belief and our actions, (reactions and inactions) impact those around us and the rest of the world. Whether you want it to or not. Whether you believe it or not, what you say, think, feel, do…  does matter.

Knowledge, wisdom, experience.  A unique view of our world lives within you. What do you see? What does your heart desire? Lean into your fears. They light the way of growth.

You are not alone. No matter how small, isolated, alone you might feel some days... You are woven into the fabric of humanity and this Earth. You are loved. You are valued. You are needed here. You have a special gift to share. Your presence, your love. Everything you are is what this world needs right now. You are a part of the eternal divine balance of all things.


-love, jenna