Home Composting 101

Home Owners: You can easily begin your home composting today!


What you’ll need to begin:

  • Earth - Organic matter

  • Water

  • Air

  • Sun

  • Box Frame

  • Chicken Wire

Organic parts:

3 parts brown organic matter, dry organic materials high in carbon, ie. leaves, dead plants, grass clippings, straw, mulch.

1 part green organic matter, compostables are high in nitrogen, ie. raw food scraps, peels, tea bags, seeds - note: no dairy or meat.

Compost Box:

All you need is a box frame, at least 2ft high x 2ft deep x 3 ft wide (sufficient for house of 3-4 with vegetarian diet). If you need a quick and simple start without the use of tools use a cardboard box until you make a proper container.

  1. Find an area of the yard to place your compost. A good area for compost is away from the house, fairly flat, exposed to the sun, and does not experience standing water.

  2. Build box frame with boards, bamboo, or pvc pipe.

  3. Fasten chicken wire around the frame to create at least 4 side walls, + bottom optional. Top stays completely open.

Your compost box can be built in numerous way, as long as it is breathable (has large openings for air to move through) and a sufficient size to process the household compostables. 3 parts dry, organic matter, and 1 part fresh scrap compostables.


Compost Go:

Now that you have your compost box, you can get the compost started.

  1. Start the compost pile with a thick layer of brown organic matter, then begin to lasagne layer the green matter and brown matter maintaining proper ratio.

  2. Keep a bag of leaves and yard clippings beside your compost box.

  3. Store your food scraps in a closed container (ideally glass) on your counter top (no meat or dairy).

  4. Empty the container into the compost pile once a day or once every two days depending on size of household.

  5. Cover the fresh organic matter with dry brown matter (leaves). Mix compostables into the pile or add leaves as needed.

  6. More food scraps = more frequent trips to the compost.


Minimal maintenance is needed to keep a healthy home compost pile.

  1. Air: Let it breathe. Turn your compost at least once every three days.

  2. Water: Keep it alive. Make sure the compost has moisture. A healthy pile will naturally retain water, but in hot and arid climates water will need to be sprinkled once every three days. You can turn and water the pile at the same time.

  3. Too much water will affect the ecosystem. During wet/rainy season cover the compost with a tarp to regulate the amount of moisture.

  4. Sun: Ensure that the compost is getting direct sunlight.

Do I need to add compost organisms?

Some suggest starting the compost with living soil or manure. However, I have never used a starter and have successfully started 3 compost piles from leaves and raw food scraps.

Why should I start my own home compost?

  1. As a wise poet once said, “Life gives unto life.” By choosing to compost, you are allowing the natural cycle of life to continue by putting organic matter back into the Earth. Your compost becomes an ecosystem* that transforms what we generally consider "waste" into rich soil and natural fertilizer.

  2. Reduce CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere. Composting creates living soil and is a greatly impactful, yet overlooked solution to climate change. Living Soil stores and sequesters carbon, and is a host to millions of microbes and beneficial bacteria. Composting supports the regeneration of healthy living soil and brings balance to the Earth’s skin and the Earth’s atmosphere.

  3. A home compost helps keep the indoor trash fresh and clean. A healthy diet with a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, results in a lot of organic waste. Instead of throwing scraps in the trash, feed next season’s home garden with this season’s "waste".


Ecosystem*: An ecosystem is a community made up of living organisms and nonliving components such as air, water, sun, and mineral soil.


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Be like a tree

My work is my life. My life is my work.

My work is to dream. My life is my dream.

I am still an engineer. The "system" I am passionate about designing is American society, American culture.  Integrating the engineer and the artist within me, I am passionate about creative solutions for today's global issues.

I fly up beyond the clouds, to the stars, and float into my dream state where all is possible. I vision. I see. Then, I come down, I return to this reality and connect with my “engineer” self to devise a plan of action toward realizing, developing, actualizing, creating, manifesting the dream.

And round and round, up and down I go.

When I vision, when I dream, I sow seeds. Not all seeds sprout. What measures do I take to ensure sprouting and growth of these seeds into strong trees?  Adequate nourishment, water, healthy environment, sunlight, fresh air, living earth, and of course love.  Ahh yes, this applies to me too!  If I wish to see my dreams through, I must tend to the garden of my body and mind. Self care will ensure that the powerful thought seeds sprout.  Reaching for the sun, reaching for the sky persistently… day after day, just as the trees.

Social pressures, norms, and expectations… these are the factors that cast shadows of doubt and confusion, like invasive species, shutting out the light and preventing growth of the little seedling. Limiting belief structures could disrupt my natural progress and limit my potential, but I’ll find a way, just as the trees.

I’m inspired by Mama Nature’s ability to adapt and always prevail.  As challenges arise, I accept them as opportunities to reinforce my strength.  Like plant intelligence, I choose to release the layers that no longer serve me and let my past feed my future.  As the shedding layers fall away, my energy is focused on expansion.  Reaching for the sky, into the sunlight I keep growing, just as the trees.


Thank you for Walking

Go for a walk…

- for fresh air, appreciating the breath as it fills your lungs and opens your chest.  The air brings life and energy into your body as you deepen every inhale.
- for sunshine, feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin, giving you life. Take in the light and let it shine through you.
- for grounding, connecting with the earth,t he grass, the trees, remembering the magical mystery that you have been granted the opportunity to witness and experience.

Let your walk be a meditation, time for you to free your mind from worries and stress. Allow your walk to open yourself to seeing all you are and all you have right now… inspiring all that you are to be and do.

You are human! Your human body wants to move, dance, play, walk.  Your body is a gift and it works for you when you care for yourself.

Thank you for walking.

Shift Work

How does such a massive shift as we are embarking upon take place?  How does everything change in a matter of years? Culture, habits, beliefs, government systems, food systems, communities, urban organization, global structures, transportation, economy, war, poverty…. these conditions will evolve and we are a part of how they evolve. We are the shift workers.

When I became aware of all the trouble in this world and ALL that will need to change to heal the wounds of humanity and our planet, I thought OMG how in the world can we do this?  And that is just how we do this… IN THE WORLD.  We have to get out there and do stuff.

I was afraid, depressed, overwhelmed, manic, moving with urgency and wondering how to get everyone else to see the importance of waking up to the whole reality of NOW on earth. Then I began to realize that not everyone has the time, freedom or experience to reach the same conclusions that I have.  So it is my gift and purpose, to share what I have learned and encourage progress. 

One day it became very clear to me that there are others out there, just like me, burning to make a difference.  Those who have experienced enough wrong in the world to live for making things right.  This realization and sense of knowing about the others allowed me to step out of bewilderment and into empowerment to play my part and take my role in the grand plan.

The “grand plan” is what?  I don’t know… it's very complex and dynamic, so I pay attention to the movement happening around me and flow with it. The more we do, the more we connect with others who are doing, then we do more together!  Power in numbers.  Change is happening all around us, and we have the power to play, to manifest and create the future. Believe.

We each have a role to play.  If you don’t know what your role is, focus on personal growth until your purpose becomes clear.  Follow your heart and honor your dreams. Find peace and wholeness within yourself. Your personal shifts create global shifts.

There are people in every industry, institution, system, community, department, profession that are being called to create the new.  Those who “think different” and feel inspired to build upon the present. Those with a wholly serving vision supported by knowledge and experience. 

This is how shift works.  This is how shift happens.

We each do our part based on our place right here and now, based on our knowledge and understanding and circumstances right here and now, based on our belief in a positive shift.  We are transforming and evolving culture.

May we act as our heart calls, with trust that the whole team is holding strong in their positions. 


Yoga - Union

I’m so grateful for discovering yoga at the end of 2008.  I was skeptical and reluctant to go to yoga class with my friends.  I was a runner (3 mi/day) and I knew I preferred that intensity. I enjoy hardcore, heart activating, drippy sweat workouts and the only class I had tried before (which was probably pilates) was pretty prettyy preetty lame.  I didn’ t feel much of a workout and was bored.

Anywho, my friends Brittany and Tara invited me to Yoga Groove Bikram in Oct 2008. I resisted and they persisted, so I figured what the hey.  OMG I loved it!  I left that place feeling strong and sexy. One class and I snapped right in, tapped right in to a higher feeling.  I signed up for the discounted first month deal and went at least 3x per week that month.  I was curious about other hot yoga studios and discovered Sunstone Yoga.  Thank goodness, it introduced me to a deeper, more diverse practice.  I appreciated having the different classes and different sequences led by teachers who had the freedom to say what they felt in the moment. So much wisdom is gained with diversity of practice and teacher. Yoga is infinite.

2010 is when I really deepened my practice by going to class 4+ days per week for several months.  I advanced dramatically and learned a lot!  I also began to realize the clarity I felt after class. The blocks and clogs in my mind were cleared and answers to my troubles began to float into my consciousness without me reaching for them.  It brought energy and connectedness.  I noticed a reconnection to my body, and I hadn’t even realized I had been disconnected.

Yoga led me to tap into a higher self within me, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I believe EVERYONE would benefit equally from practicing regularly. It will save your life and bring you healthy happiness.  I see this practice as an opportunity for us to tap into our connection with something more magical that we can image,  something we might consider “super human”… basically yoga makes you SuperYou!  

Yoga is the union of all that exists within you. This integration and connection of different parts into one wholeness allows clarity and empowerment. The one as the many and the many as the one.  It unlocks the secret door to the infinite being you truly are. All comes into sight, into alignment, internally and externally.

Namaste bright beautiful beings!

Meditation in Gratitude

What is meditation?  For me it is sitting in deepest gratitude. Releasing all the troubles, questions, fears, worries, and just allowing myself to honor the magical experience of this life.

Don't Hate. Meditate.

Focus on the simple things… sitting, breathing, clearing the mind, tuning into senses. What do you hear, feel, smell, see?  This focus brings us to the present moment to truly SEE everything.  We can then feel ourselves and our connection to the wind, the trees, the Earth.

My meditation is time to breathe and be in my body in gratitude for the gift of this experience.  The beauty of all life and creation is all around us, all the time. When do we get to see it?  It’s hard to see the magic when I’m doing the “civilized human” thing, which is most of the time in this tech age. I have to make a conscious effort to bring myself to that space and hold in it for as long as I need to… I often get lost in time and space when I go there. Although, it’s not like I’m actually going anywhere, I’m just being here, right here and now.

Being in the space of gratitude is the most nourishing and healing for mind, body, and heart. This is the space of calm, happiness, joy, ease, grace. Our body naturally heals itself, regenerates, when we feel at ease. Stress kills everything.

The most important thing to understand going into your meditation is that you MUST SURRENDER and release all of your worries. You MUST COMMIT to freeing yourself during meditation to explore your senses, your body, your mind, your heart, your imagination, your power.

The best part about it is that you can do it whenever and wherever you please. Next time you are in a situation where you have no choice but to “wait”. Try shifting your perspective into… hmmm this is time I can sit in calm and let my mind free for awhile.  Ahhh what a great shift in perspective!



Personal Mantras

Self affirmations are very powerful, especially when I fully believe and trust in the words being spoken.  Most of us grew up in an environment, judgemental society, that subconsciously influences the development of negative self talk or negative self affirmations. Negative affirmations have the same effect as positive affirmations, if not greater, on the true formation of your reality.  Our thoughts form our perception of reality, so whether it be positive or negative, you are manning (or womanning) the ship.

Negative self chatter feeds our fears of not doing enough, not being enough, not having enough.  These fears are born from a perception of scarcity, a mind that believes there is not enough to go around .:aka:. survival mode.  Social norms and pressures have created an epidemic of chronic inferiority complex!  The dominant culture and consciousness of the world at this time is rooted in a perception of scarcity; I must compete to survive. There is not enough success, not enough creativity, not enough genius for everyone, so if I don’t fight for it, I will fail.

The truth – there IS enough, I am enough, I have everything I need, infinite resources within my own heart, mind and beyond. We have the power to break ourselves out of negative thought patterns and cycles of negative affirmations.

I refer to my positive affirmations as personal mantras.  They are synonymous in this sense, both heart felt prayers practiced to support my highest potential.

Recently, I went on a little journey to Colorado. I hit the road with my friend Mateo and we went straight to Wanderlust Yoga Festival at Copper Mountain.  I was dealing with a terrible skin rash, believed to be poison ivy, but still don’t know wth was happening to me.  I was going mad for a few days as the itching and spreading continued, and decided I could not continue the journey with Mateo to LA. Instead, I drove to Boulder to heal. The first morning in Boulder, I woke up to photos of my sick dog’s mess all over my sister’s bathroom floor.  It was a really ugly and scary sight, so I got into a panic.  I had little sleep and terrible itch episodes throughout the night.  I was freekin’ out, geekin’ out, losing it! It felt like EVERYTHING was going wrong.

I needed a chill pill.  I stepped outside on the back porch and faced the sun.  I meditated into the sunlight and felt the warm caress of life.  I began self affirmations as they came through me.  Here is one that has been very powerful and helpful for me in moments of doubt, confusion, worry.

I have EVERYTHING I NEED. I am supported.

I have EVERYTHING I NEED. I am supported.

If you decide to try this, you must feel the words in your heart.  If you do not feel it at first, keep repeating it until you feel a sense of lightness and possibility. Allow emotion and energy to move through as you open to the truth and understanding that you have everything you need and you are supported.

After speaking and feeling these words into the Sun, I found a friend who could take care of Munchie, my dog, and he was immediately over his sickness.  It cleared almost as quickly as it clashed. I still had a terrible skin rash, but I had somewhere to rest and heal.  I had everything I needed, and the mantra helped guide me to see.  Within me is everything I will ever need.

Transform. Integrate. Propagate.

The tri-effecta, a cyclic phenomenon for evolution.  Three words, transformation, integration, and propagation, are oriented this way to represent the cycle of personal and cultural evolution with respect to each individual experience.


I’m creating visual representations of different ideas and philosophies of my own pertaining to shifting culture, hearts, minds.  I’ve started with this simple “tri-effecta”.  I feel the understanding of this cycle is super relevant to any team, group, organization, business or person going through transformation.  Integration can be the most challenging part, yet an absolute necessity for propagation to occur.  It’s always great to spread the seeds!

Integration happens when we go beyond our comfort zone and connect with people and ideas that are different from our own.  With an open mind and heart, the differences allow for new understandings, developments, perspectives, and ways of communicating foreign concepts.  Integration builds bridges between different worlds, different cultures, different beliefs… opening us all to a whole new world.. a dazzling place you never new!    Czech it out…

Something as simple as talking to a stranger is an integrative experience.  If you like to keep things interesting and appreciate lots of mental stimulation like moi, you might make a point to connect with people who clearly perceive life and the world through a completely different lens.  It’s useful to listen and see things from a different perspective, because you have to know where someone is coming from if you wish to connect your understandings with theirs.

I hold a great sense of passion about personal and cultural transformation to a holistic way of life.  I often think about how such major shifts could be made, and this is how I see massive cultural shift happen.  In this equation, Integration = Unity.  When I step out of my comfort zone and connect with others, I feel more inspiration and possibilities.  Little or no integration could result in too much isolation, feelings of separation and loneliness.  I believe we all need and desire human connection, and loneliness can cause depression and lack of inspiration or motivation.

The tri-effecta is my way of expressing the phrase:

“Transform your Self, Transform our World”

You might also notice the recycle symbol in the center, pointing in the opposite direction.  The tri-effecta cycle can move in either direction at any time.  I feel my transformation thus far has been little cycles through and through, but I also see that there is a slower deeper process developing simultaneously.  The life altering experience of transformation takes several months or years (a lifetime really), so it could take some time to integrate.  The depth of my integration has not quite caught up with my transformation.   I’m doing deeply integrative work right now, so that I may gracefully propagate the love seeds.

Flip the Script

When someone does/says something I disagree with… I let go of attachment to what is right and what is wrong. In a moment, a reactive or divisive response is transmuted into an expansion of my awareness.

I accept the reality of the experience and appreciate the opportunity to receive greater clarity of what I choose and how it differs.

It becomes an opportunity to reflect on myself in relation to the dissonance I feel with another person’s view.  Here the space becomes open to discuss differences and come to an understanding.

Each of us experiences a unique reality, the one and only reality of it’s kind in all of time. I know that my perception of the world is molded by the zillions of experiences I’ve had in my life, and no one will ever see the world exactly the way I do.  But at the core I am just as You are. One heart.

I believe we all really want the same thing… to be safe and loved… to enjoy life.  Sometimes we get caught up in the rights and wrongs and whos and whats, but under all the layers of perception… cultural differences, choice of words… we just want what is best!